“ She does not waste time whatsoever on stage, in fact she goes straight for the bulls horn, which is to be welcomed if the conexion between the different choreographies ar to well managed. ” ABC

“Her dancing is elegant and her technique unbeatable.” El País

“She started with a flowing rhythm and not for such a long time have weseen Heels on fire, sticks and percusion in debate and intricate movements becoming seriously iconic and master dialogue in musical verse: Session concert the audience of the Conde Duque rocked by the tremendous tremours of the on rythm and beat recognizing the quality of the whole company joining in for the finale with a gitanic flamenco stomping. ” La Razón

“What do you want to communicate with Embrujo? I want us to connect. It has happen to me that of the dancing in my show, people clapping their hands as they are leaving the theatre. That is what I´m looking for, to reach that energy” El País

“Maria Carrasco, a rising star of Madrid’s flamenco.” Metropoli, El Mundo

“Maria Carrasco a new talent in flamenco, recovers dance’s femininity and she designs the costumes for her own company. “ Vogue Magazine

“She offers to the audience something innovative without losing the sense of intimacy of tablao flamenco.” El Periódico

“She has a poetic command of the body and especially of the landscape imaginary that her arms draw with shadows of the tablao “ reports from Madrid

“Maria Carrasco dazzles when she appears on stage, with flying white folds over her stretched and expresive body” Diario 16

“Maria Carrasco exhibits in this show that when she enters into an alteared state and at the purest emotional level shet gets to expess everything that she feels”